Us, our home and the 'Marienburg'

Profession and passion

We live in one of the most beautiful areas of Germany, on the Mosel in “Pünderich”.

A state-recognized village, located directly on the banks of the Mosel river, won the title of "The most beautiful place in the government district of Koblenz" in 1984.

The proximity to the world-famous tourist destinations of the Mosel region, the architecturally charming town center, the impressive backdrop of the “Marienburg” and the many small wineries, make our location extraordinary.

We love the Mosel. And we love what we do. The catering industry is in our blood and we run it with all our passion, now in the fourth generation. A family business that we take care of, build up and optimize. Personality and heart combined with professionalism and innovation - that's our motto.

We would be happy if you can feel it during your stay.

“Come as a guest and go as a friend” an often-heard slogan, we take it literally. Guaranteed!