We are part of the Landidyll family

Sustainability, conscious use of resources, regionality, family hotels, employees and passionate hosts. These are the most important characteristics for our hotel cooperation; whose houses are all located in the countryside.

Especially in times of fast pace, the ever-increasing superlatives and the unstoppable technical development, we want to be like a peaceful haven for our guests, so they can enjoy hours and days away from the stressful daily life. We “Landidyllers” see ourselves as specialists for homely well-being and honest quality in the selection of products and partners.

Why did we choose Landidyll?

We are stronger together - our restaurant has been managed under this motto for many years. Now that we have entered the "Hotel world", this is even more important to us. And how should a cooperation work better than with hoteliers who follow the same guiding principles, visions and plans as you do. We have informed ourselves about many cooperations and we always end up choosing Landidyll. After meeting the members, it was very clear that we wanted to be part of this community.

Who are we: we put all our passion into our new country hotel on the beautiful Mosel. Regionality and sustainability play a major role here. Landidyll combines all our guiding principles in one cooperation. We look forward to many new contacts, ideas, feedback, team projects and of course the exchange of experiences that we will live together with the Landidyll family in the next few years.